Day 25

Men say courage comes from the heart. I say it comes from the beard.

Apparently a man in Oregon yesterday decided to strip down in an airport. I know, first reaction you have is.. “What a perv!”. But in fact, he was in protest of TSA and using this as an act of free speech. He asserts that the TSA uses “fear and intimidation” and he wants it to stop.

Apparently he was on his way to California for business when he was stopped at one of the TSA screening stations and was told “he tested positive for explosives. “… Wait. How does one test positive for explosives? Is it like testing positive for HIV or marijuana? Will need to address this in the future.

Well, frustrated with the situation he did what most men would not do… he stripped naked and proclaimed, “See, I don’t have any explosives!”. How awesome is this guy?

It took a lot of courage for him to do this. It took one hell of a beard.

John Brennan, we salute you. What you did… I might go as far to say… was ballsy.



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