Day 33

With great power comes great responsibility.

And make no qualm about it- a beard is a powerful thing. It is my responsibility to have the best beard I can through diet, exercise, and ability to withstand the 2 month itch (the kind penicillin will not cure unfortunately 😦 ).

Last night at a bowling event, I was ever so lucky to have my #1 fan present. Jen K. of Knoxville (follow her on Twitter!) I was even luckier when she agreed to snap a couple photos with the Beard. Here they are below:

Notice the caress of the beard? The gentle touch? Yes, you too can have this if you begin to grow your beard out!

You know what this is? This is a mutually agreed upon opinion. As the very attractive lady says- Beards deserve a Thumbs Up!


Now what can you, the reader, take away from this situation? Simple. If you grow your beard, very attractive women will find their way into your arms. They will love and nurture your beard for as long as you have one. No longer do people tell me “aw, well- you have a great personality!!”. That is the equivalent of telling a fat chick “aw, well- you have pretty eyes!” or “aw, well- you have a pretty face”. That never happens anymore. A beard will change your life forever. Growing a beard is like a winning lottery ticket- women, fast cars, motorcycles, money.. it can all be yours. Just have the balls to grow your beard.

Disclaimer: Jen’s husband gave full explicit permission for the photos and posting on this site. Although she flocked to me because of my beard, I would never take another mans woman. As I said, with great power comes great responsibility- and I have the responsibility to tell my friend’s wives “No. You are married. I know you want to be all up on this beard, but we can’t.” 

Plus I have a girlfriend and I would be murdered and she would rip my beard from my face and I would once again only have “a great personality”. 



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