Day 39

One of my biggest pet peeves are teenage guys who try to grow a beard but end up looking like they have little wisps of pubic hairs on their face. News flash: if you face looks like a groin, you aren’t cool. In fact, it makes you the opposite of cool- a dick head.

Groin face does not equal cool.

Let me demonstrate:

First off, your beard sucks. You have a neckbeard.

Secondly, your necklace doesn’t make you look like an emo “hipster” artist. It makes you look like a fucking asshole.

In a couple years, you may have the growth needed. I think it is really cute this kid attempted to shave a neck line. Problem is, nothing to really shave. This is pretty sad.

What pisses me off even more about this is yet another emo “hipster” who can’t take off his headphones because he must proclaim to the world his music is more important than the rest of the world. No one understands him man. No one understands. I bet he hates his dad too.

Nice beard, kid. Nice beard.

This gives me an idea for tomorrow.


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