Day 44

A beard is a magical entity. It has the ability to grant you anything you ever wanted.


Have you noticed the way men with beards carry themselves? They walk with pride. They walk with dignity. You don’t see them ashamed or embarrassed. They don’t try to be someone they are not. They don’t try to be fake.Look at my picture above. I know that my hat is backwards and I look like a jackass. But guess what? I have a beard. I admit it. I don’t care.

Guys without beards are the opposite. They have to try to be someone they are not. They have to be fake. They always suck in their gut, stand up a bit straighter, try to come off as having more money than they really do, etc. Don’t let them fool with you their explanation of “air of confidence”. This is nothing more than the stench of a pussy.

I have obtained photographic evidence of this below:

(Celebrity photo has been blanked out- don’t want a lawsuit!)

The girl on the left- clearly a pussy. Notice the sucked in gut? Clearly this individual is insecure with the shape of their gut. A man with a beard would have no such qualm. He would let it hang out because he knew he was a man. He has a beard.

The aroma of vagina is strong with this one. I mean, look at the horny devil (mystery celebrity) next to him. He is popping a stiffy for Christ’s sake!!! That is how much of a girl the vag on the left is being. Can you blame the guy? He sees a pussy and gets an erection- a normal reaction to being in the presence of a vagina.

Side note: how’s that for “mailing it in”, Elroy?




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