Day 47

Yes, someone (ahem, Chris Webster. Click Here to see his facebook and laugh at him for fantasizing about “wienerman”) drew Wienerman on the board. Real mature Mr. Mysterious Artist. Real mature. Hopefully this will be a lesson- don’t write on my board. Ever.

I’m in the mood to do a Venn Diagram. I don’t know why. Something right now makes me want to write on two big overlapping balls.

Many women have told me they wish their husbands would man up and grow a beard. Some even have come to me asking how to convince their husbands to grow a beard (congrats to Sarah! I was just informed that her husband is growing a beard! Lucky lady!).

Ladies, if you need help- print this page off and show it to your husband. It may convince him. Post this on your fridge. Glue it to the wall in front of the toilet. Tape it to his secretaries ass if you have to. Put it somewhere that he looks at often to help convince him to be a man and a grow a beard.

After seeing this- he will grow a beard. And if he doesn’t… he is a girl anyway and I can’t help you.






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