Day 60


Dan’s Beard is back.
After some deep meditation and a few day hiatus, the beard will continue on. I have decided to continue on with the challenge. I may have lost the bet, but it doesn’t mean I can’t continue on to beard greatness.

I admit, weakness crept into my soul. I stood in the mirror and gazed into my own eyes. I heard the inner-pussy calling out at me to shave the beard. But I am a man and as a man, I told that little bitch to shut the fuck up. I said “Real men grow beards. I must continue on to becoming a better man. I must continue to grow the beard.”

In addition to daily posts (maybe every other day), I have also decided that every Friday will be a cartoon day .I will aspire to produce one original cartoon on a weekly basis. The rules have changed…

…the world is changing. Or is it my perception? Probably a little of both. All I know, as of this day forward- things are never going to be the same no matter the outcome. Growth is an important aspect of life. Mental, physical- everything. It is what drives the future forward.


And being 60 days in, let us look back to day 1, 30, and now 60.

Day 1

Day 30

Day 60


I can’t wait for Day 90.





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