What’s Going On Here?

What’s Going On? <—- Click to find out what’s going on.

This is what is going on…

  • 365 Days of Pictures
  • Beard
  • $100
  • Ink Pen (5 1/4″ length)

Hello. I am a Beard. More specifically, I am Dan’s Beard. I have been challenged to let myself expand for 365 days and by then, I must reach a length of 5 1/4″ as measured by a specific pen locked away in a specific safe. The catch? I must photograph myself every day for a year. If I succeed these, I will granted the gift of $100.

I know. This isn’t cost effective. If I succeed, I am essentially doing this for just over .27 cents a day (bet you didn’t know Beards could do math, did you?). Do not fret- it isn’t the money I am going after. What would a beard do with money? I am going for the pride and satisfaction of crushing those who doubt the wrath of Dan’s Beard.

Please check back daily- and watch me grow. And if you think that’s impressive, check out Dan’s toenail. That guy is an impressive expansionist.


11 thoughts on “What’s Going On Here?

      • Go for it! Before I start my livefit I read your beard’s update, it give me a great laugh. Dan’s toenail would be my reward for finishing my livefit workout. 🙂

        Fan of the Caveman movie! Awesome! My husband and I love that movie!

  1. I love starting my day with Dan’s beard! I have a great laugh to get me going for my Livefit workout, my reward for finishing my Livefit could be Dan’s toe. Just a thought… 🙂

    Fan of the Caveman movie I see! Its one of our favorites in our house. They just don’t make good movies like that anymore.

    Looking forward to more of Dan’s beard! Good luck on LFR!

    • Glad to hear it! It turns out we started LFR at the same time, so it should be fun to see how we both come along! I also sent you a friend request on FB btw 🙂 (Daniel Mitchell)

  2. Ya know, there have indeed been many a great beards in this world. However, I do believe this is the first time in history a beard has had such a following. If so I think congrats if in order!

  3. One question for you. How do you plan on handling such a hot summer with such a mammoth beard in the making?

    • Quite simple. The homo sapien body has evolved to include a cooling system known as sweat. This sweat emanates from the pores to cool the body off. The beard will simply begin this process better. Just as most men have sweaty pits and balls to stay cool- I will have a sweaty neck/jaw/cheeks. And it’s totally okay. It is acceptable for men to have sweaty pits and balls, so a jaw is certaintly not a big issue.

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