A New Generation

So as some of you have realized- I failed. Miserably. But that is okay. A lot has been going on. So I present…

The Next Generation.


Yes, that is right. Dan is going to be a Daddy. Although the beard challenge failed- other ideas/plans are instore for DansBeard. Check back soon. And for good measure, the unadultered ultrasound pictures..

Prepare world- 1-11-13 is the day of reckoning.


Day 60


Dan’s Beard is back.
After some deep meditation and a few day hiatus, the beard will continue on. I have decided to continue on with the challenge. I may have lost the bet, but it doesn’t mean I can’t continue on to beard greatness.

I admit, weakness crept into my soul. I stood in the mirror and gazed into my own eyes. I heard the inner-pussy calling out at me to shave the beard. But I am a man and as a man, I told that little bitch to shut the fuck up. I said “Real men grow beards. I must continue on to becoming a better man. I must continue to grow the beard.”

In addition to daily posts (maybe every other day), I have also decided that every Friday will be a cartoon day .I will aspire to produce one original cartoon on a weekly basis. The rules have changed…

…the world is changing. Or is it my perception? Probably a little of both. All I know, as of this day forward- things are never going to be the same no matter the outcome. Growth is an important aspect of life. Mental, physical- everything. It is what drives the future forward.


And being 60 days in, let us look back to day 1, 30, and now 60.

Day 1

Day 30

Day 60


I can’t wait for Day 90.




Day 56



You read that correctly. There was no Day 55 post (well there was- technically it was in Drafts). No excuses. I failed.

Now it’s time to do some soul searching to see if it should continue. I feel deflated.

However, Dragon Boat races yesterday. Tons of fun. We raced well.


Chris and I went with a Braveheart theme. Ha. I will post full kilt pics tomorrow- have to do some brand edits.

And even though I failed the challenge… I’m still more of a man than you pussies without beards.

Day 54

Day 54… In Chattanooga drinking…


Fun drinks w Chris

Day 53


Sometimes, a day of reflection is needed. Let us look back at what started this whole crazy thing…

What a great video.

Let’s get some community involvement here. Today I present a Poll question… Would you have sex with a Bearded Man?

I believe the results will show that growing your beard out will only lead to more sex- which is the goal of any man in life.



Day 52

The most amazing thing has happened today. Amazing I tell you.

Elroy purchased the first ever Dan’s Beard merchandise! He gave a bumper sticker to me as a gift and now I have it proudly on my truck…

This will be the start of something fantastic. Soon you will be able to purchase your very own Beard Gear from Dan’s Beard!

In other news, yes.. I realize my picture yesterday of me in the shower could be misconstrued as either A) soapy beard and hair or B) I just jacked off an elephant onto my face. Let us use our common sense to come to the correct conclusion.

KBody- you are right. If you are going to do something, then do it right. That is an embodiment we should all live by. Therefore, I present…

How To Do Shit The Right Way vs The Wrong Way

Exhibit A:The Boob Job


Wrong (very wrong)

Exhibit B: The Sexy Lingerie


Wrong (I threw up in my mouth)

Exhibit C: Oral Sex



If you’re going to do something, do it right.

Day 51

Hygiene is important.